On Tuesday 7th May, 7pm in OC1.06, we will be electing a new Events Lead. Down below is the role description, if you have any questions please do chat to James, who was our previous Event Lead, or JinJue. For the role you will need to be a current St John Ambulance volunteer. 

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Nominations: To nominate yourself for a position, please complete this online form by Monday 6th May.  You will be asked to write a short manifesto of 125 words to facilitate voting by members who cannot attend the AGM.


Hustings: (opportunity for candidates in an election address potential voters). At the EGM at 7pm on Tuesday 7th May (week three) in OC1.06, each candidate will be allowed to make a one-minute speech, before being asked questions from the society members. If you are unable to attend the AGM, you are able to pre-record a video to be played at the AGM.


Voting: After each speech and questions are complete, voting will be done by secret ballot, using the Single Transferable Vote system, where voters rank candidates in order of preference. The results for that position will be announced immediately after the voting for each positon.  



Any member can vote in the elections provided they have been a member of the society (check your membership here) for two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM). In order for our election to be valid, we need to reach quorum, which means we need approximately 10% of our members to vote so please do vote even if you are not running for a position yourself.


Further information on the roles and election procedure is available in our constitution and at WarwickSU.


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